Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am a little worried about my cousins Nook and Pooka being without Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Sandy. The two of them are on some kind of journey involving elephants, tigers, lions, water buffalos and the likes. I have never seen one of those dogs in real life, but mamma showed me pictures of them, and I am pretty sure I am related to the dogs called lions..and maybe even tigers.
Nanook and Pooka ...well they might be more related to the water buffolos..maybe..for sure not the lions and tigers...hey could be related to the elephnats also...they sure are big enough.  
I miss all of my blog friends, and I think that maybe mamma is a little more avaialbe for blogging now...Thank Doggies...
My biggest kisses
Sir KissAlot

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