Sunday, November 21, 2010

To all my lovely Dawgs.. ❤

❤ ❥
A Day in the Sun
Sir Chancelot


Sam said...

Looks like someone really enjoyed himself today!


Maggie and Mitch said...

You look so happy, Chance!
We just saw this video on another blog. It's just fabulous:

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Tucker said...

Chance, hmmmm... you're rolling in the grass and I'm rolling in the snow... same planet, different world! Your buddy, Tucker

K-9 Katastrophe said...

Hello Sir Chance-lot! I am a lab and i look kinda like you! Do you have music playing on your blog? Mommy pulls up so many blogs at one time we can't tell who is playing the music! But if you are we have a message for you: WE LOVE YANNI!!! And We love nightingale!!!!!!! That is our favorite song of his!!

It's nice to meet you!


Terrorzinhos said...

You have a great blog!
Mom said that you are really really cute!
We will follow your adventures!

Jack, Kaiser and Farrusquinho

Anonymous said...

I love when the dogs roll around, he looks sooo happy!

retriever said...

Lovely blog, best regard from Belgium

Louisette said...

paws love from two miss golden: cerise and Zitablue , Belgium