Saturday, January 15, 2011

Long Time it has been ~~~

I have been snowed in~~~ As the photos can attest I have been living in an Igloo~Though never for a minute did I forget my Dawgs and Loves

Mama and I decided to build an Igloo ..well because you never know when the cats are going to take over the universe...we just wanted to play it safe...we did a good job...we even have ancient electric y in it...he he

Of course the evil one figured out our plan ....

And braved his way through the snow to ...well to basically take over our
Igloo kingdom~Doom

Jasmin baked cookies for us for Xmas...she said we can not have hot chocolate because it is bad for dogs and cats, but we got special cookie has my name on it...Sputnik has fish cookies...and then there are some for the Papa Cameron and some for Mama...
Oh at the moment ~ I am past out infront of fireplace...
So much Love
Sir Solovethesnowand igloo thing


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It has been a long time, but I know that building an escape from the Empire of the Cats can be pretty time consuming! I am just sorry that you were discovered!

Your treats look like a wonderful reward for all that work and perhaps 'The Evil One' can be bribed! :-)

I hope you're doing well and your New Year is off to a good start!!

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Ahhh Thank you buddy <3...I have this feline figured out worries :))

Jasmin Fine said...

I am so happy that Chance, Sputnik, Mama Hanne and Cameron enjoyed the treats!! Miss you all!

K9 + Grace said...

Oooo! That igloo looks so cool!

KT and Lady said...

My, it has been awhile since we've seen your handsome face. Glad to know all is well. My uncle Chip got me a dead squirrel squeaky toy, kinda like yours, for Christmas. I love mine too. I like cool weather, but I love my Dad more so I'm going with him to Arizona for awhile. We'll be watching.

Golden Kisses from Lady

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an igloo! Looks like you've been busy. Those cookies look delicious!! :-)

Paige & Simba

Asta said...


How wondewful to see you and youw bootiful floof.
That igloo looks pawfect..a place to welax and contemplate the booty of the snowy landscape
Smoochie kisses

Sam said...

You guys have been busy! We love your igloo - it looks very cozy!


The Teacher's Pets said...

Furst of all, I am your newest follower and the reasons for that is because I found you on Kim At Golden Pines blog and the other reason is because your blog is very, very cute!
I love your igloo! What a lot of work to go through in order to save your universe! I love that your kitty is not afraid of the snow...just like our tabby cat, Henry! You can read all about him on our blog at and also about our coon hound and our other kitty, Buster!

Anonymous said...

I hope those pics are color-corrected -- you haven't actually turned blue from the cold, have you...?
- - - - -
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