Thursday, May 7, 2009

American Howling ( they* call it Idol )

Oh Dawgs~ does your mamma's beg you to watch the howling ** show with them every Tuesday and Wednesday?
Mine does..insists I sit on the sofa right next to her, just so I have to  to live through not only the howling** on TV but also Mamma's howling after each howling...and This is my take on it all

All my GoldenLove
Sir NotidolingAlot


GoldenSamantha said...

Hello! No we don't get into it much, but know that there's a lot of hoopla about it! I just like to chase my kong! You are such a bootiful doggie! I guess you shouldn't have to be subjected to such idolatry, except in the case of yourself! hehe!
Hugs xo

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, it's mom and dad's favorite show! Who is your mom rooting for to win, Chance?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Maggie and is unbearable..every week...for goes on...the howling...and the crying...and the "thats UNFAIR" what the heck???and confusing comments mama's do not bother to could not care less who *wins..the howling..personally not one of them meeets with standard "howling" standards anyway...though mama seem to think the human "Elvis" should win....

Asta said...

Dawling Siw Chance
I miss you!
I hope you have a wondewful mothew's day wif youw MAma.
You awe as bootiful as evew!
umm, I mean handsome of couwse
smoochie kisses