Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excuse Me~~~

There I was, sleeping peacefully in my bed, dreaming...and in my dream I heard mama say to papa...

" You need to take him this morning, I can't, because I have to have a root canal this morning, and a few other things done at the dentist, but one thing is for sure, he needs to see the Vet"

Thank Dawgs was just a dream...I thought in my dream..because I...yes... I know this will be hard to belive, because I look fearless...but I am very scared of the "Vetampire" (Nannok and Pooka calls them this, because they always seem to want blood from us)... Mama says I am a "chicken, but we all know that is completly not possible...right?
Anyway...hold on to your dogbeds...I was not dreaming..I guess I have something called hotspots* on my face..( not sure why they call it hot spots, cause it isn't very hot) and I was due for all my shots and heartworm/lime tests...which definatly ment the vetampire would want blood again...Well I spare you dawgs the grizzly details..just trust was a bad morning all the way around

Here I am this you see what I have to wear...? A lampshade..
Now ...HOW am I going to pick up my ball 
( this is SCL mama...pleaseee check out the expression on his face, click on pic to see is priceless)
and my bunny...thank Dawg..he sticks up a little bit so I was able to grab him

 I wonder if this will be a permanent condition...?

Sir WorriedalittleAlot


Maggie and Mitch said...

Oh no! You poor thing having to wear the evil lampshade, Chance!
We hope your hotspots go away soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Randi said...

Oh No Sir Bacon!

I don't think that lampshade is very good when you are trying to play ball..

When will it go away? I hope the hotspots go away...I hate hot spots..

love & licks,

ps...I hope your mama is ok from the dentist...did they put a cone on her head too?

Life With Dogs said...

Nigel has worn his fair share of lampshades, never a fun experience...

Thor said...

Oh no Chance! I am so sorry that you must use the lampshade. This is not fun. I hope you get rid of this thing soon and can play with your ball. At least you can grab the bunny. Get better soon, buddy!


Simba and Jazzi said...

we are busy catching up with everyone and dropping by to say hello.

Simba and Jazzi xxx

CAM said...

Hey Sir Chance-Lot
Greetings from South Africa.

We love the Satelite TV Dish!...that way you can get our messages from SA easier. Don't worry, dear Boy...they will soon turn into cold spots. Get better quickly. Hope to be friends soon. Luv Max &Co