Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dive~Nanook~Pooka~Vanessa and Bees

I am not sure why, but my Mama laughs
every time she sees this it because it is such a
great action foto?

Oh and this is what I look like when I am listening to Mama
telling me something
Here is Nanook in his favorite postion...lying down
And Pooka with his friend the *tongue..hehe.
Yeah those are bees..but they really do not bite unless you
make them mad~~and guess what..Nessa made them mad
and Mama took pictures...hehe...Mama being the smarter one, cause she can just run away
Nessa kept saying " We have to make sure they are laying eggs" Now I have
NO idea what that means..but it has to be important
because those bees were angry

Love from
Sir Beekeeperhelperalot


Barry said...

I love Bees!

Barry said...

Supercute doggie pics and great action shot of sir chance. Mezcalita and Kahlua say hi to you and momma.

Barry said...

Love Soothing Nadama Too!

MAX said...

Dear Sir-C
I just love the action pic of you pounding through the air - assured that water will follow! Tell your mom that she takes amazing pics! Indeed all the pics are beautiful...and the tongue is priceless.
Lots of licks
Maxdog in South Africa

Maggie and Mitch said...

Nessa is very brave! Bee stings hurt!
We love the action shot of you diving into the pool too, Chance!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

Siw Chance Love
I love that pictoowe of you diving too..What Fun and what style, hehehe..I've nevew gotten a bee mad thank dog, but my angel bwuvvew Nikki, stuck his face into a beehive when he was about five momfs old..poow boy got stunged all ovew. Luckily he wasn't allewgic andMommi took the stingews out and soothed all the boo boos.

but I do love honey
smoochie kisses