Saturday, August 25, 2007

Some pics from yesterday

Here I am, my face, my eyeball, and my big nose..hehe

Here I am checking a big butterfly that flew into mammas flowerbed

See how big my front yard is...I spend lots of time here chasing my balls

My Eyeball stearing at a ball

I hope everdog has a wonderful weekend

Tailwaggins and Love
Sir Chancelot
This video scared me a little, but mamma said that all doggie mammas laugh at these videos cause they know it isn't true.And since we are getting kind of close to Halloween~ I thought I'd start up the Halloween scaries...Mwahahaha

Oh I just wanted to mention that there are NOTHING funny about real places like these that uses animals to do testing!!!


Joe Stains said...

your yard is huyuuuuugeee you are so so lucky!!

Jackson said...

Great photos of you Chance! That video was SCARY! J x

Amber-Mae said...

WOW! Your yard is really huge & greeeeeeeen!!! I wish we had a yard like that too...You are soo lucky!

P/S: Received any sketching from the postman?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer