Sunday, June 21, 2009

ღ♥๏:::ஐ*Sunday ~Just my Mama and I*ஐ:::๏ ღ

We were suppose to have gone to New Jersey yesterday for the weekend
but the weather was so bad, and Mama had alot of things she had to get done so we decided to stay in Connecticut. Cameron went to New Jersey to help my Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Sandy
with the new house
My Mama and I spent the day cleaning and organizing
closets. Tomorrow our Brazilian Cleaning ladies are coming to do
Spring Cleaning, Mama calls it a
"full wash down"
This is My Mama's night table in our house in Connecticut.
She loves flowers
and there are always flowers in our house..everywhere.
I love it because it makes the house smell so sweet

It was another rainy day, but Mama and
I made it out for our run in the woods just on time, before it started to rain
My favorite smell besides the smell of steak ones
Last night I stayed out for a bit because Mama fell asleep
I was very quiet, but I watched for my Bambie friends to
appear. I was hoping they would come...I love to play with them
Here I am smelling the delicious grass in the woods
And here is Sputnik still watching the baby birds
Lots of Love
Sir HelpsMamacleanAlot

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Maggie and Mitch said...

Your mama's night stand is so pretty with the flowers, Chance! What a beautiful lamp too!
We hear more yucky rain is headed our way so enjoy being outside when you can - we sure will!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch