Friday, December 21, 2007

My Letter to SantaPaws

Dear Santa,

This year I want to thank you for all the love I have received.

I watch my family add all these wonderful things to the house for me to enjoy.

I am so lucky to have a beautiful tree to explore.

It is the simple things that make me so happy.

I simply want to say Thank You for all the love I have in my life and for all the love I will continue to receive.

Santa, I have all I need for Christmas.

I have the best gift of all.

The Peace and Love that surrounds me and lets me feel comfortable to be me.

Merry Christmas,
Thank you for Inspiring Me.

I Love You ♥ Santa Paws
Sir Chancelot the Golden Retriever~
Retrieving Love and Peace from Everywhere


Lacy said...

woofies Sir Chance...i am honored dat u stop by to c me..and i weally do nos watt u mean bout no time to gets likie dat too when its around 3am and me and mama is poopeded..heehee truthfully me usually goes to beddy wiff my daddy and let mama stay up...

b safe,

Maggie & Mitch said...

What a perfect letter to Santa, Chance!
Your banana sure looks yummy!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...


Thank you fow the bootiful poem you sent me!
I feel the same as you my wowld is a happy peaceful wawm and loving one..theweis nothing else I want except fow othew doggies to have the same..don't wowwy if you have no time to comment..I know you awe thewe and I love you and you'we aways with me
smoochie kisses

Amber-Mae said...

Chance, what a wonderful letter to Santa Paws! Oooo, you like banananas don't cha?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Joe Stains said...

What a great letter to Santa! We really are very lucky dogs. We have peace, love, AND great friends!

Sparky said...

That's a great letter to Santa, Chance!

So you like bananas? Aren't they the best?!


Gus and Louie said...

That is a great letter to Santa. Louie's would go something like this.
Dear Santa,
Thanks for sending Mom and Dad to rescue me. Although I can not hear this did not seem to bother Mom and Dad. I am truly loved with a wonderful big brother Gus that is my hearing eye day.. Thanks Santa for my new home!!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Chance,
That's the best letter to Santa Paws!! We feel the same way. We wish every pet could be so lucky.
Mmmmmm, that banana sure looks yummy, making us hungry!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

fee said...

thank you for the e-card, chance, and merry christmas to you too! may the day be filled with love, peace and much feasting for you and your family! namaste!


happy said...

Wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas

Harry said...

A very happy Christmas to you and your family Sir Chance!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Habca & Miriam said...

Chance & Hannah,
your blog is always a good place to turn to. Wishing you a very joyful christmas,
Habca & Miriam

Goofy said...

MERY MERRY CHRISTMAS SIR CHANCE!! you are sure a happy dog!

Kirby said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Chance. May all of your Christmas dreams come true!

Your pal,