Thursday, June 7, 2007

~Mamma has gone "Drop~Crazy"

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I wondered if everyone of my dog friends can send a image of themselves, preferably whole body image, can be lying down, sitting or standing, to My Mamma has another "weird idea"
Sir Chance-Lot


Oscar Airedale said...

Oooh, I will dig out a photo and email! Look forward to seeing what mama is planning!

Oscar x

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh chance, your mama is amazing and al her work are amazing too...I wanna take part in your mama "weird idea" too. I will send over my photo ya?? Okok??

Amber-Mae said...

Hehehe... want a picture of me too? Let me see if I have one with full body. Coz mommy will usually take pictures of my face only coz it's very gorgeous. Hehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ruby Bleu said...

That sounds very intriguing Chance. OK if I send a photo too? Your Mom's work is so's always so exciting to visit your site and see what she's done.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Huskee Boy said...

I am definitely going to search for a nice looking photo of myself and emailing it to you. I can't wait to see what your talented mom will come up with next!

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Awww NOW you made her cry with all your nice