Friday, June 1, 2007

Ok Amber here goes

7 things I dont want anyone to know about me:

1. I fart when I sleep (or so they tell me)
2. I fart when I am awake ( I can hear that myself)
3. I like to clean peoples feet...even though mamma says it grozes her out
4. I like to eat fruit and fresh vegetables even though I am really Matcho
5. I sometimes eat dead bugs
6. Once I scared a puppy by almost biting him a little cause he was stearing at me and I didnt like it.
7. I am sometimes mean to other doggies. My mamma thinks it is because when I was just a wee puppy, I was in the dogpark playing joyously with a bunch of other doggies...All of sudden these 3 BIG bullies attacked me for no reason..mamma think they smelled that I had not lost my "utensils" yet (cut)...well anyway ever since then, I like to be Alpha, and I sometimes growl and show my big teeth to other doggies that i think might try to bite me.

Mama said that I better think twice about doing that , because one day I might do it to the wrong dog, and then that dog might "shake my world " alittle she said,,and then she showed me what shaking my world a little meant by showing me this picture

and that scared me a little so I have tried very hard to be good and brave lately.

Did I do it Amber...answer the tag I mean?!


Jackson said...

I like bugs too, especially spiders and flies. On the fruit and veg front, I like most things but I LOVE apples and carrots. When J2 eats his daily apple, I start pawing at him to hurry up and eat it so I can have the core. But I NEVER fart, no, not me. Well, maybe I do when no-one's around. I'm very polite! J x

Amber-Mae said...

Oh Chance! yes you've done it! Interesting facts about you... but make sure when we meet, you don't accidentally snap at me yeah...? Hehe! And by the way, my mommy's been trying to find out how to make that pic move like that? It's a like a very short animated vid clip? Can help a bit here my friend? Thanks in advance!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Oscar Airedale said...

Mmm, I love my fruit and veggies too. It's good to be healthy, right?

Oscar x