Friday, June 29, 2007


We ran around doing "errands"Have I told you doggies, that another one of my favorite things to do, is going in the car? Oh yeah...I LOVE the car. Most of the times, I am way in the back, where all my balls and my blankets are,but today I got to ride in the front seat, because we were not going very far. Just into town, to the post office,to send a letter to the bank (thats the person that hides Mamma's money,) and to the flower store and stuff. Mamma had to stop at the local flower store to take some pictures~while I watched the car. Here are some pictures of me in the car~Hey look how big my nose is in this one

Check this out:

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And last, just a quick udate on my modeling agency, and to let you know that we are still very much looking for great FULL bodied ( no paws cut off, BIG images of doggies that would like to become models for "Heart~Art". We are still going ahead with our project/cafe press, and my mamma has now figured out a few things. She ended
up going and getting a new "macro" lens. Don't ask me but this is what it looks like

That thing will let mamma take pictures of itsibitsi things like tiny bugs, or flowers,waterdrops but in 5 times life size...which will result in some WOW details..whatever that means..thats what mamma said anyway..anyone want to see bugs REALLY close up???

Now thats called "bug encounters of the third kind"..barkbark.
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend


Maggie said...

399That's a scary looking bug! Do you think he might eat doggies?
99% of the time I'm in the front seat with mom too, Chance! It's my favorite spot! Mom said to tell you that she loves the hydrangea's!

Love ya lots,

Gus said...

Chance: Did your mom use her new lens to make your nose look so big in that picture? We think you are gorgeous!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh yeah, you have a really nice wet shiny blackie nose! You know what Chnace, I really admire your fur ya know... I think it's just gorgeous like your face, hehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

Yer your nose does look pretty big. mummy will see if she can find any photos of me. Or maybe she'll take some with her new camera, which is a lot less posh then yours.

Simba xx

Suki said...

I love that picture of you in the..hydrangea? Is that how you spell it?

That lens is gonna help your mom take some COOL pics, Chance, I can't wait to see them!

Puggy kisses

Ruby Bleu said...

Wow that was a really giant bug! or was it a little bug that looks giant. hmmm....

That picture of you in the hydrangeas was bootiful! Hydrangeas are one of my Mom's most favorite flowers...'specially the blue kind.

I'll have Mom take some pictures of me this weekend and send to you ok. I always wanted to be a cover girl!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

PS - keep a watch for the mailman on Mon or Tues...he's going to bring something for you!!!

Stanley said...


My girl and I both loooooove juicy noses! Your's was looking pretty nice in that photo. You look so at home in the copilot seat. You should always ride there.

I'll try to get some full-bodied shots to your mama. Her project sounds so cool. Can't wait to see what else she does.

Your goober bud,

Stanley said...


I would love it if you'd be my swim coach! It feels like I'm just getting started, discovering water for the first time. (My family before didn't ever take me around water). I want to just dive in, but will still only go up to my neck.

Any pointers you could give me would be appreciated!

Your goober bud,

Joe Stains said...

woah I never want to get that close to a bug like that! it looks like a doofus face!!

ToFFee said...


I think you look adorable with a big nose (that's mum talking..)

and that's a very pawfessional camera.. sure beats the one my pawrents have.. hehe! they tried taking me pictures but I always move that's why it gets blurry..

mom and dad would like a professional camera.. would you recommend a good one? we saw some but they're not sure what good to buy.

pictues of bugs? sound icky.. fwowrs are vewy nice.. we had those back at hometown.. mummy bought some but she has a black thumb