Friday, June 22, 2007

My extremely shiny Coat

And healthy Skin, is today celebrated by many many "lady" doggie friends, and admired by humans and "gentleman" doggie friends across the planet...hehheheh..I wish. My doggie mamma and doggie pappa, had much "rougher" coats then me, but my mamma tells me it is hardly a genetic thing. It is a variety of reasons why my coat is silky and beautiful, and I have no skin problems, known to bigger breed dogs, especially big dogs that like to get wet.
I also have unusually healthy hips and bones. If you are a doggie that would like a shinier coat, healthier skin ,and just an overall healthy body, THIS is what you have to do doggies:
1.Ask your mamma's and pappa's to use only non carcinogen and non toxic cleaning products, and not to use pesticides on the flowers and lawns.
( Your mamma and pappa most likely will have to seek out a speciality company or store,
cause all the store bought brands has bad chemicals in them, that causes our fur
to get dry and not so silky and healthy+ causes skin problems, and can even cause cancer
and liver illnesses and other problems in our doggie bodies, because we lie on the floor that has been cleaned with bad chemicals, and we also breathe the fumes, and some of us even
lick the floor sometimes)
2. Ask your mamma to check out the laundry soap she uses on your bedding
If it does not indicate that it is non toxic,non carcinogenic and natural, then it is not
3. Make sure that your mamma's and pappa's only use natural shampoo
when they bathe you...I know I know..some of you dread that word, I am I guess unusual
I LOVE baths., regardless, we cannot avoid them, so make sure there are no toxins or
carcinogenic preservatives in your bath products.
4. And last, start taking a daily good natural doggie vitamin
specially now that there are so much trouble with the pet foods. The right kind also have
things in it that helps our bones and inside of our bodies.
This is the Shampoo and vitamin my mamma uses on me. She says that this is why I have such gorgeous silky hair, and healthy body.

Check out the picture on the products, it is like they used me and Sputnik for their models...


Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Chance...
You and your Mama always have good information to share! I'll make sure my Mom looks into the products we have at home and CHANGE THEM!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Yeah...Make sure Ruby, cause my mamma said to me that lots of doggies go to the rainbow bridge way before their time, because they get sick from chemicals.
My mamma is a customer at this company (same company)
and she can help your mamma get a whole sale account, so your mamma only pays like kmart prices for much more natural and non toxic things.
You are my special friend of the day today

Maggie said...

Your mom loves you a whole bunch Chance! There is no doubt about this! Your Golden coat is just gorgeous!

Love ya lots,

Amber-Mae said...

Wow yeah... Your coat's reaaaallly shiny & healthy! Look at mine!!! It sucks! Dull, short & ooogly(maybe you don't think so *wink*) I think so! So as others... I mean my hoomans think so. I've been taking Omega 6, omega 3, zinc, garlic pills, expensive coat supplements & all that crap since I was 3 months old(now I'm 18 months old) BUT still no changes except that it has just became thicker. My fur is sooo sucky! Wish it was like yours Chance. You're so gorgeous!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Jackson said...

Your coat does look amazing, Chance. J1 is like your Mum, she's alway checking the ingredients of EVERYTHING! J x

Avery said...

Oooh, you do have a lovely coat. Very shiny indeed! My coat is in pretty good shape, but I do get a dry tummy. Mom and Dad are thinking about switching my food.

That info was very helpful! I'll have my Mom and Dad look into making some changes.