Thursday, May 31, 2007

No Rain..not till now

Remember doggies, when I had a tornado come through town, maybe 3 weeks ago?

Well, we have had NO rain since, which makes my river into a little stream puddle. I have tried rain dances, and mantra's but no rain...not till now, and it is only drizzling a little so far. The weather man on TV is saying thunderstorm, and though I hear them in the far distance, and have waited and waited for the thunder to come, nothing yet. ( You do rememberthat rain is one of my favorite things to run in, so I hope the weather man is right)..., frankly he doesn't look like a weather man at all to me, so cross your paws for me friends. Mama's garden that Nanook and Pooka's mama planeted for her, is in dire need of water too, and our grass is starting to look like it had a fire on it. Mamma said to our neighbor girl that 80-90-100 degrees in may in the north east in MAY..quilifies as a "fire" to the grass and flowers and trees, specially when there is no rain.

So while mamma and I sat on the porch a few minutes ago looking at the sky, and waiting we took a couple of pictures.
And here for your Awe inspiring teeth


Joe Stains said...

we never ever get rain out here in the desert. we just have sun and sun and more sun

Charlie said...

I like those teeth, Chance! Now that's HANDSOME!!
- Charlie

Amber-Mae said...

Oh man, no rain for three weeks? Gosh that's bad... How I wish it'll not rain for even a week here in Malaysia. It's raining every two days non-stop & I find quite irritating especially after I've taken a good bath & when the grass is soaking wet, My belly & feet gets wet & muddy. Gggggrrr... Why don't cha come here to Malaysia Chance, the we can dance in the rain together! Heeeheee...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Oscar Airedale said...

You can have some of our rain! It has barely stopped here since last Saturday!

Oscar x

Jackson said...

Oh no, not the teeth again! J x