Thursday, July 5, 2007

What a wonderful weekend

Whee we had such a great Nook and Pooka's house.
Nanook and Pooka's mama has lots of great pictures of the fireworks, and My mamma said those were for her to post on Nook and Pooka's blog. We took some pictures too, that I think you will enjoy.My mamma does not let me play too much with young puppies because I sometimes get a little unpredictable in a "alpha" sort of way,so there are not any pictures of me and Pooka close together. Nanook is a big boy and barks back at me if I get too much Alpha dog for him.
You will see pictures of a tiny tiny flower with a tiny tiny fly on it, but mamma's new lens captured them so you can see it BIG...mamma said that this flower is sooo small that no one would notice how fantastically beautiful it is,unless seen though a magnifier lens. So next time you take a walk with your mamma and pappa, check out the tiniest flowers, because you might just get a BIG surprise. There is also a picture of me and Mamma in a "mirror" ball ( mamma said she doesn't know what it is, but we thought it was neat to try to capture US in it through a fence...)
You will see me with the sheepies, and playing with Nook. You will see pretty flowers at Nanook and Pooka's house, their mamma and pappa,the Horses, my pappa's, Handsome cat and Bear cat..who runs the whole house AND everyone in it...well at least us dogies. He SCARES me...cause he is not Sputnik.
You will see my pappas with Pooka, and with Handsome cat. He loves animals ALOT.
And Mamma said to tell you...that as usual since she takes all the pictures there are none of her...she'll get over it!
Thank you Nanook and Pooka's mamma and pappa for a GREAT time!!!


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, looks like Pooka has a fan in your Papa!

Oscar x

Maggie said...

What awesome pictures! What a great time you all had!

Love ya lots,

Goofy said...

Seems like you'd a great great time, wish I was there!!!

Amber-Mae said...

Oooo, you guys had a lot of fun together! I should join you fellas some day but I live too far. Got any big box for me to fit myself in so that my mommy can help me mail me to you, hehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Charlie said...

What a great weekend you must have had! I'll bet it's fun to play with Nanook!!
- Charlie

Stanley said...

Your papa sure likes animals of all kinds, doesn't he?

What cool photos! Looks like you and Nanook had a blast together while Pooka and the cats took turns loving up to your papa!

Goober love,