Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oh My Barkness

I could not believe my eyes.
Out from far away in a state of heavy sleep, I hear the door bell ringing,and who but our mailman is outside the door with a ...hold your breathe....a PRESSIE for ME

Ofcourse I did not know it was for me until mamma, took the box and placed it on the floor, and said "Chance...guess what, your very good blog friend Ruby, sent you a barkday pressie, and it is in that box. That box is Yours Chance"I just stood there for a moment ....disbelieving, and then it hit me...For ME...are you serious...really for me? I have of course seen other doggies here in dogswithblogs get pressies, but not in my wildest dreams did I think it was going to happend to me. Oh Ruby, how can I thank You?
Mamma said, "maybe you should make a slide show of you opening the box, and how excited you were,and then share it with Ruby, would that be nice?"
So here goes Ruby~I selected a "silent movie" show, because mamma says that my facial expressions and the way I walk sometimes reminds her of Charlie Chaplin and the silent movie era.

Ruby, smoochie kisses to you forever. You can kiss my BIG nose anytime!!
Humbled by your love and friendship
Sir Chance-Lot

Friday, June 29, 2007


We ran around doing "errands"Have I told you doggies, that another one of my favorite things to do, is going in the car? Oh yeah...I LOVE the car. Most of the times, I am way in the back, where all my balls and my blankets are,but today I got to ride in the front seat, because we were not going very far. Just into town, to the post office,to send a letter to the bank (thats the person that hides Mamma's money,) and to the flower store and stuff. Mamma had to stop at the local flower store to take some pictures~while I watched the car. Here are some pictures of me in the car~Hey look how big my nose is in this one

Check this out:

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And last, just a quick udate on my modeling agency, and to let you know that we are still very much looking for great FULL bodied ( no paws cut off, BIG images of doggies that would like to become models for "Heart~Art". We are still going ahead with our project/cafe press, and my mamma has now figured out a few things. She ended
up going and getting a new "macro" lens. Don't ask me but this is what it looks like

That thing will let mamma take pictures of itsibitsi things like tiny bugs, or flowers,waterdrops but in 5 times life size...which will result in some WOW details..whatever that means..thats what mamma said anyway..anyone want to see bugs REALLY close up???

Now thats called "bug encounters of the third kind"..barkbark.
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hi Dawgs..:O) Look what movie is coming "RaT.a.touille". I cant wait to see it.
I am showcasing you all in the slide commercial for the Rat..hehe.
Please tell me if I forgot someone. Mamma said she wants to get every dog friend in a
"Heart~Art" picture, but it takes alot of time. If you are a doggie, and you are not in one of these images, please forgive my mamma, she tries, but she is sometimes very busy.

Some Cool Blues in the Heat

From Our Garden this morning

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hm looks like you doggies

Are all wondering what my mamma looks is a picture from this x mas. Oh and you know those two links to my mamma's web pages in the side column in this page, one has a blinking light on it, that's her too!
This is my whole family of humans, see Nanook and Pooka's mamma? My mamma is all the way on the right.

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(You can kinda tell that my mamma likes ice cream and potato chips, Eh? ~dog~giggles~

Talking about icecream, I had so much of it yesterday on my barkday that this is me now..Mamma put me in this peaceful cool drop of water on a cool leaf, so I can get some cool shuteye..hehe, do you see me in there...? Mamma camoflaged me a little incase a big bug came, or a leaf Croc..please see proof in picture below me.
we are seeing more and more of those up here in CT.!! ;O))
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It is sooo hot here today that my mamma wont even let me go out with my ball.

Thank you very much for the Barkday wishes,cards,and wonderful messages
Oh and I nearly forgot, Does anyone have "Fee"'s email address, cause mamma would like to send her an email, but have not heard back from her..:O)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This is me Hanne, Sir Chance-Lot's Mamma

Before you click on the play arrow, scroll down to audio player and pause it:O)
I just wanted to share this with you all, and thank every doggie mamma and Doggie pappa~Thank you for sharing all your love and light with me and Sir ChanceLot.
The video cut is from one of my absolut most favorite movies of all times. And if you have not seen it yet, please do. Even invite your beautiful dogs and pets to watch as it has a Dalmation actor in it as well :O)
The movie is called
It is the most beautiful love story, and involves what happens after WE go on to the "Rainbow Bridge" which must be the most thougth about subject of mankind.

Main stream scientists say that the mind and brain are not one of the same, they are independent. True the mind needs the brain to express itself in our world but it doesn't need it to exist. The mind is pure energy at work and energy cannot die.

Also Tomorrow~Monday June 25th. is Sir Chance-Lot's Bark day, He will turn 2.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Shoemaker's Son

Never has shoes...have you noticed that my mamma never makes any pictures of me?

Here is finally One..good night friends.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I bet you, you guys was starting to wonder

Why no new pictures was being made....Well you know, mamma has been so busy, but she also gets kind of like crazy when the weather is good, she sits in her sun chair on the deck with her face staring at the sun like it is a bone or something. Not only that, she takes her clothes off and puts on this strange little ...well I am not sure what it is, but it looks sort of like the outfit "CatWoman" wore in her movie. I am not sure what the fascination with the sun is, it does not even smell like a bone OR ice cream. VERY strange If you ask me.

Anyway, I was wondering when she was going to boil over and have to make another picture...

~Fee~ this one is for you

My extremely shiny Coat

And healthy Skin, is today celebrated by many many "lady" doggie friends, and admired by humans and "gentleman" doggie friends across the planet...hehheheh..I wish. My doggie mamma and doggie pappa, had much "rougher" coats then me, but my mamma tells me it is hardly a genetic thing. It is a variety of reasons why my coat is silky and beautiful, and I have no skin problems, known to bigger breed dogs, especially big dogs that like to get wet.
I also have unusually healthy hips and bones. If you are a doggie that would like a shinier coat, healthier skin ,and just an overall healthy body, THIS is what you have to do doggies:
1.Ask your mamma's and pappa's to use only non carcinogen and non toxic cleaning products, and not to use pesticides on the flowers and lawns.
( Your mamma and pappa most likely will have to seek out a speciality company or store,
cause all the store bought brands has bad chemicals in them, that causes our fur
to get dry and not so silky and healthy+ causes skin problems, and can even cause cancer
and liver illnesses and other problems in our doggie bodies, because we lie on the floor that has been cleaned with bad chemicals, and we also breathe the fumes, and some of us even
lick the floor sometimes)
2. Ask your mamma to check out the laundry soap she uses on your bedding
If it does not indicate that it is non toxic,non carcinogenic and natural, then it is not
3. Make sure that your mamma's and pappa's only use natural shampoo
when they bathe you...I know I know..some of you dread that word, I am I guess unusual
I LOVE baths., regardless, we cannot avoid them, so make sure there are no toxins or
carcinogenic preservatives in your bath products.
4. And last, start taking a daily good natural doggie vitamin
specially now that there are so much trouble with the pet foods. The right kind also have
things in it that helps our bones and inside of our bodies.
This is the Shampoo and vitamin my mamma uses on me. She says that this is why I have such gorgeous silky hair, and healthy body.

Check out the picture on the products, it is like they used me and Sputnik for their models...

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Is possibly my favorite food of all. I am in heaven when my mamma shares her icecream stick with me, just check out my expressions in these pictures.
And finally I just can't even keep my eyes open ...this is Sooooo Goooodddd!!!

Calling ALL model "wanna be" Doggies

Phew...lots of work the last few days, but I am happy to report that ALL the birdie babies got out with no"incident" shall we call it. I am feeling a bit blue about them all being gone, I kinda miss them, but they are close by, cause we hear them and see them fly around.

Mamma said that maybe next spring these babies might have THEIR babies in the same birdie house. So I have already put my "guard" services to their disposal should they need me..:O)

Right now I am glad that there probably will not be any more babies on my porch till next spring, cause I need some rest.

Okay whats new?

Mamma and I are still trying to figure out this cafe press thingy. Not sure why it is taking her so darn long, but there seem to be a lot of legal stuff involved, like copy rights and stuff like that. Some of the pictures she has made in the past, has involved some "source" images that was not taken by her with her camera, so she cannot put them in cafe press. We are busy every day now looking for Source pictures that allows us to alter the image
and then sell it.

One option is to just take our camera and go out and take all our own photography to use as source images, but that also takes alot of time. I don't understand it all, and it makes my head swim..I guess bottom line is, we have to start from scratch, because most of our images are also not big enough to print out in good enough quality to put on things like t-shirts, and stuff like that.

This leads me to ask all you doggies that might have dreamt at one point or another about being or becoming a model. We are looking for models for our pictures, and if you are interested you can be one of our models that will be featured in cafe press once it is set up.

Unfortunately at this point, we cannot offer monetary compensation, BUT you get ALL bragging rights, and of course might even become famous ( well that's what mamma is hoping for)

Sooo, if you are a dog,cat,hamster,bird,fish, or any other kind of animal, that would allow us to use your picture in one of our pictures, please send full bodied images of your self to:

The bigger the image the better

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not taking ANY chances

D~Day~through the Looking Glass

Yep this is the baby birdie is already out of the nest successfully, and there are atleast 3 more in the nest that will fly today...
Boy am I tired..I have spent this whole morning guarding the front door AND the deck door, AND the Garage door, to make sure that Sputnik is not getting outside, specially after I saw him sitting by the front door looking at the birdie house, and DROOLING...take a look at this picture, and tell me he does not have evil plans in mind....

So I decided that drastic measure had to be taken, and asked mamma to go outside and take some pictures for proof, incase. These have been taken from the outside in, through the "looking" glass. You can make out mammas reflection if you look good. As you can see, I am quit worried about those baby birdies....

Are you getting this Mamma..
Here I am checking and making sure that the door is securily closed Now, look at the expression in Sputs eyes here...You can just tell that he is planning something

I better do something
Maybe if I can just grab him and get infront of him

Push him back so I am the closest to the door, incase someone should make the mistake and open the door.......

Yeah like no matter what he cant get out

Dream on buster....You aint going anywhere ...Over my pretty face..

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hi Friends

Sooooo, I survived Pappa day. Both Pappa's are very content and happy.
My big pappa got a laptop from my uncle Sean, a backback with a waterthingy in it from Nanook and Pooka's mamma and Pappa so he can carry and drink at the same time, and a big giftcard to the book store he loves from My little pappa, so he can get alot of books to read. Cameron, my little Pappa and I spent the day together and had lots of fun. He got a new pool, and "no chore day" from
I just wagged my tail alot and made sure I was close by at all times, because there were alot of eating and cooking going on.
I have been very busy this weekend too keeping an eye out for the babies birdies on the proch, because you know who (Sputnik)is VERY interested in the bird house lately. I think the babies are getting ready to leave the nest, because they are hanging out of the hole all day, and being VERY loud. This morning I thought I was going to have to lie right under it and catch them as they fell, because they are climbing on each others backs in there to see out the hole...take a look for your self

See what I mean...?

And here for you ladies (Amber specially) viewing in water again...hehe and my pappa. You will see why I love him so much , he possibly loves water as much as I do!

Yeah there he is Pappa Cameron. :O)

Mamma is being very busy trying to figure out this art thingy on http://www.cafepress.comso/ there might not be so many pics of doggie friends in the next few days.

Well I better go and keep an eye on the babies on the porch. They are being very quiet all of sudden.


Sir Chance-lot

Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Blooms and Me

Bark the weekend is almost here.
My pappa is at the museum of natural history today in NYC, with his class. He said he was going to take a picture of the dino's for me. Can't wait to see it.
Thank you so very much all Doogie Friends. You have encouraged my mamma to maybe make some art and put it up in, and see if anyone would notice her, and her pictures. What you guys think?
Im getting ready for Pappa day over here, what are YOU guys doing for your Pappa's this Sunday?I am thinking maybe sharing my bully stick with him...does human Pappas like those~maybe Ill run with him when he goes for a bike ride. And then I have my Pappa's pappa. I am thinking of taking him for a walk to the mail box, he seem to like that alot.I wish I could buy him a brand new kayak. He would Love that, but I dont hink I have enough Bully sticks to pay for it..maybe next year.
Amber Mae has been asking me for more pictures of me, and frankly I dont blame her. Mamma gets WAY too busy with her silly pictures and work, she forgets to take pictures of me.This morning we went for a walk and she finally brought her camera. I wanted to share some of our summer blooms in our garden too..the roses are here, and they smell soo sweet. I love the way the smell makes all the bumble bees come. Mamma makes sure to never have the cell phone on around the house, because the radiation from it, makes the Bumbles get all confused and they get lost from their homes, and then they die.

Have a Great weekend doggies.
Tailwaggins Sir Chance-Lot

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

~Hamster MUST have Accesories~

Featuring no other than our very own Model
Here she is sporting a must have accessory of the season,
~The MaiTai Umbrella~
(can be found in any good Japanese restaurant in and around the bar area~make SURE that both points are intact)
Here our Girl girl is modeling the latest on the market,
~the Camouflage MaiTai~

Don't worry friends, we know that Girlgirl looks a little freaked out in these modeling shots, but under no circumstance was she in any danger while shooting these pictures!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Benjamin The watcher of clams

Butchy and Snickers

Awww look at those cute birdies...wait

Anyone who has read Butchy and Snickers blog lately, knows that there is a "monster" birdie living around their house..but look they are NOT as scared as they say they are of the monster bird..hehe

Monday, June 11, 2007

Some Pictures my mamma made

Thank you so much everydog. I told my mamma what you said, and it makes her so happy that those pictures gives you something*.
My mamma says, that pictures, colors and sounds kind of "wakes" up the soul alittle...:O)) For some reason she likes to wake people up. I...well I dont like to be woken up, unless ofcouse We are going to the woods or the beach. It is almost that time now. Beach time...we might even spend a week at Nanook and Pooka's house, cause they own the ocean there, atleast a small part of it anyway, and they are very good at sharing.My family goes to Mount Desert Island in Maine in the summer time, and where they go they don't allow dogs..can you belive it???? Well anyway, when they are there I am going to stay at Pooka and Nanook's house, and their mamma are going to take care of me. As you ALL know, she is an extrememly good mamma,and so my mamma trust noone but her to watch me. I just hope she lets me swim in the pool there.

"A river runeth through it"

Where I go swimming, except mamma "tweaked" them a wee bit, to make them look
a little "mystical".
See my pappa Cameron and me?

We are thinking about Jackson today~and waiting to hear about how it went at the hospital. I am passing the time by chewing a HUGE bully stick and napping, cause we are having thunderstorms here today.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reducing our Foot Prints

Click on the picture :O), and if you like to carry this very good awareness on your doggieblog, please let my mamma know and she will email you the code. We hope you do, because it starts with awareness.