Monday, February 11, 2008

My beloved friends

Hello everydog....
We are having a blast at *Cobble Close*....Herer are some pics to let you all see what I am up to

My first days at Cobble Close....

All my golden Love
Sir Chancelot

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hi EveryDog

Can you believe how long it is between each post....I am so mad at mamma...grrr
but still she doesn't listen to me, when I tell her I need to blog...
I hope everydog knows how much I miss them and I care about them....Today I go to New Jersey to stay at Pooka and Nanook's house for 16 days, cause my aunt Vanessa, Uncle Sandy, and My pappa Cameron is going to Colorado to snowboard, and mamma and I are going to be watch dogs for Pooka and Nanook, and the house...(guess who is a better watch mamma?)
soooo I am hoping, that when mamma gets there that she will let me blog more...mamma also says that ..not many people come to my blog I should not be so worried about it...grrr....Oh and here is a picture of my tail again...just to remind everyone incase you forgot..hehe
Sir Chancelot