Friday, August 14, 2009

Horses~Balls and Me..oh and my Mama

My Bug
There he is...trying to get on my Mama's good side

But, I am the only one my mama plays ball with...
Endless Golden Love
Sir LoveAlot

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Me and My Horse friends

Tonight Mama and I went for a walk
to visit the horses..I am a little scared of them

And sometimes I try to look like a wolf just because I am
a little scared
They are not scared of me at all and not of My Mama, and
my Mama is not scared of them at all...she kisses them and stuff
and then rubbs their ears...which makes them look all dreamy

I like the way they look and the way they run..they are very fast
even faster then me
This guy..his name is Rumba..he loves mama very much
and I think he wanted to bite me alittle.
I pretended to just grase like they do...hehe, and that made them all confused

Maybe I am one of the herd* now....~?
Sir ReallylovehorsesAlot

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Figure out what is in the pic" Contest

Hiya Friends

You all know that we have all sort of strange
*things* jump in the way when my Mama takes
photos sometimes..And last night it happend again

I stared @ Mama very hard because I did not want to look @ that strange light
and those blue dots in the middle of my ball field

In this picture, Mama really was trying to take a picture of my baby cherry tree
but instead this happened

Sir WonderifyoucanhelpmefigurethisoutAlot