Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday on a Monday~~

Beautiful day On Sunday. Just Mama, ~ the forest and me and then something
strange happend

I was just minding my own business ~you know... walking about with my ball
checking things out and doing my security walkabout
when I came upon THIS...a tiny door and walk way

I sniffed the little stepping stones
Maybe we have GNOMES????
I sniffed and sniffed ....even knocked a few times
But noone opened the little door
Mama sais she thinks it is the hobbits from lord of the ring, that
has moved in.....

Lots of trustworthy Love

Friday, June 26, 2009

After Thor and his thunder

I dont understand~ how~loud noises,rain and lightening
makes this afterwards

Sir ConfusedAlot

Thunder~4th. of July~Action shots of

Happy almost 4th.of July

Surprise...the rain and THOR returned today
and Mama says that she thinks we got the weather in
Bergen, Norway, where rain is always guaranteed..
Oh Mama said to check out video below,
and here are some action shots of me..
see the ball in the air?
catching the ball with my teeth
In the window begging Mama to come back outside and play with me

All my Golden kisses
Sir ChanceLot

Thursday, June 25, 2009


The Sun returned today with warm winds and then my Mama
came home and played with me~I was sooo happy

I try to be the best dog in the whole dogiverse for my Mama
I am ..I said I am the luckiest dog alive
I have my Mama and my Papa, my balls and my cat
my lawn and my rivers
Can you se me smiling???

All my Golden Love
Sir Chancelot

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mama says we have to build an ARK??

Day X with nothing but rain~BUT the sun is shining in Norway
24 hours a day...

We are trying to cheer ourselves up with the colors in our garden
The beauty and gentleness of a bud about to born
~If we could see the miracle of single flower
our lives would change forever~
Can you tell....I am almost in the mood to chase Sputnik
because with all this rain~Mamma is not taking me so much
to the woods to run~and as you can see I STILL have the
satelite dish on my head
Mama says I sometimes have posessed eyes...NOT
Sir DontknowhowtobuildanARKAlot

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ღ♥๏:::ஐ*Sunday ~Just my Mama and I*ஐ:::๏ ღ

We were suppose to have gone to New Jersey yesterday for the weekend
but the weather was so bad, and Mama had alot of things she had to get done so we decided to stay in Connecticut. Cameron went to New Jersey to help my Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Sandy
with the new house
My Mama and I spent the day cleaning and organizing
closets. Tomorrow our Brazilian Cleaning ladies are coming to do
Spring Cleaning, Mama calls it a
"full wash down"
This is My Mama's night table in our house in Connecticut.
She loves flowers
and there are always flowers in our house..everywhere.
I love it because it makes the house smell so sweet

It was another rainy day, but Mama and
I made it out for our run in the woods just on time, before it started to rain
My favorite smell besides the smell of steak ones
Last night I stayed out for a bit because Mama fell asleep
I was very quiet, but I watched for my Bambie friends to
appear. I was hoping they would come...I love to play with them
Here I am smelling the delicious grass in the woods
And here is Sputnik still watching the baby birds
Lots of Love
Sir HelpsMamacleanAlot

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Rain @ Sir ChanceAlot's house

Rocking toward the ball in the rain~
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June showers brings June's flowers?

Watching 8th generation of baby birds
from his hiding place~~~
worries me
Babies are about to fly

Sir TiredofrainAlot

P.S. This is for my ladies

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturdays~Bullysticks~flowers and Cats

This is about as happy as you will ever see me
Perfect Saturday, got to come along on all of mama's errands.
One of them was to to our favorite pet store, to purchase more food for me and My feline brother...and Mama also got me a bullystick..My favorite

Midnight blossoms@Not midnight???
This is what I look like when I can hear* my Mama but not *see
New arrival in our
garden today

This is my porch flower boxes
and below is my brother SPUTNIK ..
is it me he is sticking out his tongue at....
that spot on his nose is not a tick..he got in a fight with a chipmonk
and lost

And me...just beside myself with joy...
Sir CantbelivehowluckyofadogIam~Alot