Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh My Dog....

I won the Awesome Blog of the month...I can only say thank you to all my wonderful friends for this honor..and I am glad that the "race"is over..I didn't like being a politician much...hehe

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another tear jerker from Charlie the Coyote

Get the tissues....

`Charlie kissing the calves`

And Charlie eating with Eli the cat

Happy Barkday to Ami~Asta's mama

To Asta's Mama on her Birthday

"The butterfly counts not months but moments,
and has time enough."

"Fly free and happy beyond

birthdays and across forever,

and we’ll meet now and then when we wish,

in the midst of the one celebration

that never can end."

~The Day you were Born~

what a wonderful gift the universe

gave us~we got to meet YOU~

Happy Birthday
Sir Chancelot

Oceans of Love

Monday, November 26, 2007

My ThanksGiving

Was so nice...we just relaxed and did alot of eating.. My aunt Vanessa and Uncle Sandy had bough Nook.Pooka and Me thanksgiving bones and we mostly just chewed on those, and did ALOT of begging at the table, sitting by the fireplace, and sleeping.

Do you see the "fire~Dancer"?

And I just wanted to show you
Dawgs how much Pooka has grown..
he is WAY bigger then Nook now..
(MY little pappa,Cameron is in this picture with him,
and Cameron is a big boy, 5.6. tall)

See what I mean...more like a BIG black grizzly bear
then a Newfie...and he is STILL a baby..YIKES

Here we are chewing on our Dino bonesI hope your Thanksgiving was as relaxing and warm as mine!

Golden Love

Check out this video: Sarah Brightman - Deliver Me (Live)

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Sir GratefulAlot

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To All my Friends

~Happy Thanksgiving To All My Good Friends~
Yesterday I called Santa Paw, and asked him If I could also have a pressie sack in his sleigh, and he said yes. I also talked him into filling HIS pressie Sack with Dawg Stuffies, and make a special delivery this Holiday Season to All dawgs around the world!!! So Watch Out, cause we are coming to YOU!!
Also check out what I filled my pressie sack can see it in the picture above...YES...BACON SEEDS
I hope that the Thanksgiving Fairy sprinkles you with all good cheer, and lots of magic dust.

I am going to Nanook and Pooka's tonight, to celebrate Thanksgiving, even if Nook and I are rivals in teh blog of the month competition~we decided that family comes before campaigning..hehe.

I am going to miss you all, but will check in from mamma's laptop
Holiday Cheers

Oh look at Nanook The ThanksGiving TurkeyFlower...hehe (he is just a wee puppy there..

Sir ThankYou`Alot
From My mamma

"Your attitude about who
you are and what you have
is a very little thing that
makes a very big difference.
- Theodore Roosevelt -

Can you see, hear and speak?
Can you walk, move around
and do things for yourself?
Did you eat today? Yesterday?
Sometime last week? Can you
pick up a telephone? Turn
on a light? Stick a key in a
door and have a place to
sleep? Are your feet
adequately covered? Do
you have something to wear?
Is there someone you know who
will be there no matter what
you’ve done? Can you laugh
when you want to? Cry if
you need to? Does your mind
let you know the difference
between the two? Is there a
tree you can touch? A flower
you can smell? Can you stand
in the rays of the sun? Give
thanks for every “yes” you
can give and remind yourself
that you are truly blessed.
May your holiday be filled
with warmth, compassion and
insightful energies ...
Hanne. ♥
I am so thankful for my beautiful
Sir Chancelot, all he is
and his incredible warmth and company!!
he is ALWAYS there

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today's Campaign

Stop by the Pressie store~Holiday Section has Grown

Support This Site

By the way, check out
and the competition,
scroll down to the comments

I have no idea what Nanook is talking senator a breed of dawg?? Anyway I just wanted to also ad here that I have arranged with my mamma to have all my dawg friends get discount for anything they want in the pressie store~Just an added little token of my appreciation for your loyalty and GREAT friendships...hehe..OH AND I think FREE shipping on purchases over $75.00

Holiday Cheers
Sir BACONbitsANDseeds

Sir BaconTheRedNosedGolden

(who is BEST friends with SantaPaws, AND training to become his Chief RainDawg!!!)
MUST click on photo to View me in s
led with SantaPaw..
also Note shining nose
Please also make sure to vote
for your favorite Bacon..ahem..Golden

Friends & Family of Sir Bacon gets
Get $15 off $50* ~ Make sure you bring your promo code...
Direct Flight to the Holiday Section

Monday, November 19, 2007


This Year~I am so very ThankFul for all of you Dawgs~ I wanted to share some of our family memories with you, from our last Holiday Season!

From our hearts to Yours~ From our family To Yours


You will see a few "old" santa's, one that stands on the Window sill peeking out, This santa stood on the window sill of my mamma's childhood home, AND her Mamma's childhood home. There are also some old old "nisser" (Norwegian for gnomes) that mamma's grandmother grew up with, so I am not allow to touch them, cause they are too fragile. I hope you enjoy our Home for the Holiday!!

you can click on the little x in the video player window, and it will minimize. If you really like Harry's blue eyes, then you can click the speaker icon next to him, and hear the song again ..if you like!
Sir ExtremelyThankFul~Alot

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Here we go..the campaign continues

First and foremost, Thank you Thank you, to all my friends, for voting for me
I am humbled by your loyalty and friendships!!
This will be my Campaign Motto

Mamma told me that red is a

Campaigning kinda color..hehe. Okay.. so I thought

I would just add a couple of pictures of my tail ,I am not sure that it will have any kind of bearing on the outcome of this, but the way I figure it wont hurt, as you can see, my tail is well....something els!

(also Asta had a post not long ago about showing off our tails, so I am smoshing two flies with one flap of a tail..hehe)

I also wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate all the other dawgs on their nominations, and wish them the best of luck..

If you have not had a chance to vote yet, just click below

Click here to Vote

Tailwags and Golden Gorgeousness
Sir Didn't sleeplastnight~Alot
Maggie and Mitch extremely good friends
awarded me this award today too..I am kinda speechless
Thank you VERY much M&M
I guess how this works is that if you get an award like
this, you can also give it to someone els,
so I give this award to


I WAnTeD tO SPeCiAlLY WiSh mY COuSiN nANnOK ThE bEsT oF LuCK iN hIS nOMinATioN fOR beST bLOg oF tHE MoNTH (even though it would kill me if he won...UGH..hehe)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holy Dogs..............

I am sooo excited...Amber and a couple of other dawgs nominated MY blog for
"Blog of the Month" award...I am sooo honored!!!
Thank you Amber and Thank you to the other dawgs that voted for me. One I don't even know...YET!
Mamma is also extremely proud, and can't believe it!
I feel a little weird asking...but p l e a s e vote for me
Thank you Very Much...

Click here to Vote

Sir Ifeelsohonoredtobenominated~Alot

P.S. I don't feel very good about that picture and what it says,
but mamma said that this is the way things are done in politics!
YIKES...(just between you and I Dawgs...I'd give you bacon tree seeds regardless of your votes..
just because I love you ALL.
Thank You for your consideration

Friday, November 16, 2007

A non descript kind of day

~After My walk and along time playing fetch with my tennis ball~

I did this the rest of the day, cause I was just really tired.
Mamma is a little afraid that I might have cought her Donkey Disease, but I don't think so, cause I don't SOUND like a donkey nor am I wheezing and coughing. I was just tired after a long walk and lots of fetching. This is one of my favorite places to sleep, cause it is right where mamma works in her office. It is a very comfy love seat, that has feather pillows and she lets me use it all the time. So I thought it would be fun to see where every dog sits and blogs. Here is a picture of the room I blog in and also nap in..

And here is a picture of me as a young tike

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who does this look like...

Hokay so these are work of art by
Susan Seddon-Boulet

Her work is a combination of eloquent and mystical imagery with a soulful quality that is as powerful as it is intangible.
( My mamma made me say that)

Much of Boulet's work from the 1970s pictures cheerful images from fairytale and fantasy-jesters, knights, mermaids, magicians, and the like-executed in rainbow-bright colors. Around 1980 Boulet produced 'I Heard the Owl Call my Name', the first in a series of paintings that pointed to a new direction in Boulet's work. From this point on, Boulet painted images that she felt tapped into the essence of the collective human unconscious---images of goddesses from various cultures and Native American shamanic images that married the forms of animal and human into a coherent whole. Boulet drew the inspiration for her art from a wide variety of sources: mythology and poetry, Jungian psychology and worldwide spiritual traditions, as well as deep love of animals and the natural world.

So I know that Maggie and Mitch got a little freaked out by the
eyes...the eyes look like this when one "merges" for example
a "coyote and a Human"...

Check out these beautiful ice blues

Today Susan Seddon Boulet's paintings are held in collections around the world.
My mamma and I also Love her "Goddess" collection

Oh and guess what...yesterday, mamma and I was out for a walkabout
in the woods..and what do we see...but a beautiful Coyote watching us with a smile on his face
from the edge of the forest...

It is raining here in New England today and about 63 degrees right now
and our
clamatis is in full bloom.....

Yours truly
Sir LoveAllMyFriends~Alot

Hello EveryDog....

I wanted to let you all know that my mamma is feeling much better, and life is normalizing here.
Yes yesterday she took me for a long walk in the forest, and we had a great time.

I also wanted to blast a bulletin about the latest popular pastime activity that the "cats" are would think they would be more concerned about the fact that we are inching closer to Christmas, and Santa is coming to town (s)...You know

"you better be better think twice..."
So all you dawgs out over your "stuffies" real good, specially if you live with a or two cats!

Sir Ihavebeengoodallyear~Alot

Monday, November 12, 2007



Hope you will stop by and check it out

Revenues will be donated to


Who fights for the very survival of the Polar bears daily
The Polar Bears are not as lucky as us or Charlie
and they are losing their natural environment.

Sir Feelinggoodabouthelpingthepolarbears~Alot

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today I am helping Charlie say

~Thank You~

to his mamma ~Shreve~for rescuing him.
Since he does not really really talk human yet, I told him I would help him say what he needed to say to her.
(We also tried to use "cactus" font in our letters
because Charlie said his mamma loves the flowers of the cactus
plants, but blogger did not let us)

Dear Mamma Shreve

When you look into my eyes I know what you will see.
There is only love and trust where fear once used to be.

For I was an abandoned animal a cold and hungry stray.
But you reached out your gentle hands
And took me home to stay.

I've eagerly accepted the compassion you have shown.
I soon forgot the times
When I was frightened and alone.

You opened up your heart to me
And taught me how to trust.
You've given me a loving home where kindness is a must.

So when you gaze into my face I hope you'll realize,
That "love without condition" is reflected in my eyes.

Thank You for rescuing me

p.s. In case you wonder, All the flowers used with Charlie are flowers
from cactus plants. We did not want to move Charlie too far out of his "environment,
and since he lives in Wyoming and
the only plant that flowers where he lives, The Cactus was perfect!
My mamma is in Awe
since the cactus is a rough and tough
rubber like plant, with very sharp thorns on it,
we are amazed that the Cactus gives birth to such
unbelievable beauty.
What a Beautiful Planet we live on ...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sorry Dawgs...

I know I said I was going to post picture from the walk today in the new woods, but mamma got sick while we were there and she did not take any pictures...she thought she was better, but she wasn't really.
Some dawgs has asked me what the music playing is..It is the same singer "Lisa Gerrard"..(mamma likes her alot too, she also is the singer in "Dead can Dance", and yes appearntley we do) that is in the video in the post from yesterday

The first one is called

~Pai Calls the Whales~

and is from the movie

"Whale rider"
and the is called


and is from the movie

and here instead of pictures of me in the new woods, is one of how mamma feels right now

Wowser...she is not feeling well, and tomorrow I am forcing her to go see the doctor, because pappa thinks she has Ammonia...yes thats right....Ammonia

Slow uncertain wags from
Sir GoodDogIamgettingtiredofwatchingherbesick-Alot

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Come Tenderness

I just can't get enough Of

Charlie the Coyote

He awoken something in me..maybe the "wild" in me, because after all aren't we all wild deep down?

(Just check out Asta's latest post and I'll prove it to ya)

The colors, textures and just the serenity about him, is awe inspiring. I am almost envious of him and his mamma..because it seems like such a beautiful time in their life..such a journey filled with Love and Respect, not just for each other but for the very knowledge that they come from different worlds..One his mamma is "domesticated" learning to be wild, and Two, Charlie is wild, and learning to be domesticated (in a almost wild way, because he is still in his natural environment)..

Anyway..When I found the blog yesterday and started reading it, the first thing that came to mind was this video and this song..It was as if it was made for Charlie the Coyote and His mamma.

I just think that maybe Charlie's mamma did not find him..maybe he found her, because I think that he is indeed an animal soul on a journey to awaken many...You can just tell that he has awakened a beautiful place in his mamma...and that is why his blog is what it is!...soul gripping...and it is sort of almost lonely in a beautiful way, like the song you are about to hear/watch..

And so I dedicate this video and post to All Dogs~Hammies~Cats~and Coyote, because I think we bring out the best in all Humans!
Here it is

(oh scroll down to the player on bottom and mute it first before clicking play)


Lisa Gerrard~ "Come tenderness"

Sir tryingtogetagriponmywildsiderightnowAlot

Monday, November 5, 2007

I Just have to show you guys something....

Today as I roamed through some blogs up for "best Blog Award" (Yes I roam frequently) I came across a blog that I thought was notable to all...well even MORE then notable, it is fantastic, and it made such an impression on me, and made me smile...cry...Awwwww....and feel pride in the humans once again.
What is it you ask...well, it is Coyote who lives out in Montana..and he is not just any Coyote..He is


and possibly the cutest thing you ever saw.
I will not say anything more because I want you to read it all yourself..and don't miss his mamma's blog either..she is some kinda Awesome Chickie..
Her name from what I understand is (now I know this sounds a bit strange, but that is what it says
*Vespa Vagabond*
and yes Asta, she owns a vespa

Now tell me if I am wrong..but I think we should ( I sort of already did) invite Charlie to join our family of dogs and hammie, cause he doesn't seem to have a lot of blogger friends...go check him and his mamma out...oh and bring tissues!

Meet Charlie the Coyote

Sir Ihavefalleninlovewithacoyotenamedcharlie~Alot

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Today we are welcoming a new Baby sister into our DWB family


I know she will fit right in with the rest of us,and is the cutest thing ever. Harry is extremely proud and rightfully so. I also know in my doggie heart that Oscar is very pleased!!
Congratulations Harry on a new Baby sister. We will ALL treasure her!

Sir IwishcassidywasmybabysisterAlot

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Well...I am kind of embarressed

Ike's Wedding in France

*** ~How embarrassed am I....

Ah Gosh ...hehe..I think I must have had too many Rubytini's on the flight to France, and Asta too, cause we cant remember a a matter of fact i thought I never went to the embarrassing ...and Asta too...heheh. I was like lying on the lawn still waiting for Air Ruby to show, ran into the house to check the bloggie and see if there were any delays on Air Ruby, when I saw that Ruby herself has thanked me for a dance, and so I must have been there!!??
I hope I did not do anything foolish while there, like throw anydog into the air while dancing or stepping on any lady paws, or tinkling on the carpet... or on the plane..I think that is it for me and the Rubytini..LOL.

Sir maybegotosomeAAmeetingsAlot

Encounter of the Third Kind

My Worst nightmare realized

So last night it happened, I was confronted by Mr.Grim Leaper himself, and please
don't be disappointed in me, cause you might all think I am this big strong brave Sir Chancelot,

but I ran for my life. I think once you check out the pictures below that you would agree that running was the only choice and might even admit that you too, would have run..Hello, meet Mr.Grim Leaper himself

He appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to chase me

(*note*this is Hanne, I just wanted to point out that here something funny happened to the camera again...hehe. I did nothing to these pictures other then resize them, and I am seriously starting to think we have some kind of "energy" around our house, that likes to have "its" picture taken)

And then he went out to the road by the fence and sat down there, like he owned the place, and all the people in the cars going by got all scared too,when they saw him..let's just say that nocar stopped to give him candy.

Phew I am glad Howl'OWeen is over for now..My little golden heart could not take much more scare.
I hope EveryDog had a fantastic Howl'OWeen too
For now I leave you with the nice "welcoming" sign at the entrance of our Driveway

Sir StillShakingAlot