Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A letter to Asta in New York

Dear Asta,

I understand how you feel. I too worry like you
My mamma says that it is not bad to worry and be aware of things in the world, because often awareness, leads to action, and thats good!

Like Margaret Mead said:

~Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens (dogs) can change the world~

Just by talking about things that worry us, to others, leads to them becoming aware, and then they might start to talk to their friends, and then they become aware and so starts the snowball effect.

And then somewhere, there might be just ONE dog, that hears your words through many doggie voices, and then maybe, just maybe that ONE dog gathers strength from those words enough to fight back for her doggie rights, and even help other doggies find better lives.

Such is the power of awareness

YOU made me more aware today,because of your worried post
And there are some things us dogs can do, even if we are "just" dogs..for one..Puppy Mills, such as the one that Janie *grew* "down" in... needs to be Shut down
These are some tips on how we can start help those poor puppies that are held hostages in such places of greed.




There are many organizations that fight for
good causes all around the world. If we all just picked a couple each
and then full heartedly supported their efforts
then the world would become a better placE.

and poor everydog said, We all do worry about him.
We all have to help send him healing thoughts

I don't know about Jackson's sickness, and what causes
it, but I know that very many illnesses and doggie problems, can be caused by the environment we live in,
chemicals we breathe and get in contact with every day, without knowing they can make us very sick.

The best thing to do,is to become aware
of what can harm us and then eliminate all harmful chemicals from our food and the places we sleep and live.
converting to all natural non chemical foods and products
is easier and cheaper then most mammas think..please click on the link below and become aware, and then
bark at your mammas till they read it too!


Asta, again, THANK YOU for your post today
and thank you for making me more aware
I am going to post this also in my bloggie today
because your worries are my worries too!!

I send you all my golden Love
Sir letsbebraveandspeakup-Alot

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

`Hallow's Eve~

~To EveryDog Big and Small On Hallows Eve~

Ghosts and goblins dressed in white
creeping around on Halloween night
monsters, angels, witches too
clowns with faces colored blue
black cats walking all around
candy droppings on the ground
house to house kids do go
back and forth to and frough
you will get freaky frights
when you go out on Halloween nights.

There's a goblin at my window,
A monster by my door.
The pumpkin at my table
Keeps on smiling more and more.
There's a ghost who haunts my bedroom,
A witch whose face is green.
They used to be my family,
Till they dressed for Halloween.

Have a Scary Wonderful Howl'O Ween EveryDog!

Sir SpookAlot

P.S. Check out the doggies in the video

I better go rest up. It will be a busy noght tomorrow, trick or treating, and guarding the house from all the witches, goblins, Ghosts, and other scary things that might come around our house!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The First Frost

Yep it arrived last night~Father frosts blew his icy breath on our house and all about!

Those pictures are not very clear, cause mamma (still coughing and hacking like a whale donkey) insisted on taking them herself, with the macro lens, and when using that lens, you can't even have a breath of wind or movement, cause it gets all blurry, and she was not still cause she kept coughing.
And this is how we mostly spent the weekend, ofcourse I got to go to the Barkday Howl'Oween bash party in Salem.
See the Fish Night light I got?

Saturday was very rainy, and my big pappa ran me out into the woods early to get the walk out of the way.
Mamma stayed in bed all day and
night, while Big pappa cooked chicken soup and potato chips for everyone, and served them in bed.
Even I got a bully stick in bed~after I got back from
the Howl'O'Ween party in Salem~BOY was that a GOOD time!!!
Read all about it in
Asta's bloggie

Big Pappa was not feeling very good either, so after all that, he
tucked himself back into bed too, and watched the football on tv like this

while I did this, waited for mamma to feel better
which was sort of okay, cause I was so tired after the party anyway.
Sir Chancelot

Saturday, October 27, 2007

With my proudest Heartfelt Congratulations

To my Cousin
~Doctor Kloofbear's Nanook O'The North ITD~

He passed his Therapy dog test. The ITD stands for
International Therapy Dog. We are all extremely proud of him, and his mamma
Vanessa, for all the hard work and achievements!!!!

And we are now waiting for picture from the celebration that we were suppose to have been at, but mamma is still pretending to be a donkey, so she sat in bed all day, and we had to stay home.
We hope Nannook's mamma is making him a BIG "BLOTEKAKE"...

Whooo Hooo For Nooken
Please go to his bloggie and congratulate him

Proud to be his Cousin
Sir Chancelot

Friday, October 26, 2007

we were wondering

Does anydog or any mamma click on the section

"Me and my mamma's special thoughts about life"

and the different entries
(it is right there under neat "about me")

in the side bar?

Do you like it?

Spooky Full Moon last night In Ct

AND I think the moon got possessed, cause look at the weird things that happened to the pictures, like that one right after Gimini Cricket

(our little Jack Russel)

died in february...remember everydog??

Okay so last night Mamma and I saw this amazing full moon, and ran outside with our camera, turned the flash off and took some pictures. This is the first one I took, cause mamma let me borrow her camera for once.

Then I took this one

AND theN I finally took this one, and this is going to sound ghoulishly
Howl'O'Weenish, The Camera acted very weird, when I was trying
to get my paws to click on it, and we thought it
never took the pictures and it was broken till we
got back inside, and looked at the memory card.
(that is the thingy that stores the images)

SCARY isn't it????
..and then look at this one of me

I look like ME is possessed...Bark!!!

and bark this picture out...

It looks like our neighbor's house across the street is on fire and some weird alien light is shining on their house. We do not have street lamps here on our street...YIKES.
So Now I am a little worried about going outside on our lawn, cause maybe there are aliens watching us...and maybe they'll be in SALEM tomorrow night for the party!!!?


OH and here is my two costumes I am wearing
Im wearing this one on the plane and half way through the party

~Sir big bad Wolf~

and then I am changing to this one for the rest of the party and for the plane back home

~Sir GoofAlot~

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rainy Days

and a sick mamma ( she has some human sniffle thing, and she coughs all the time even when she sleeps, and then she sounds like a donkey..all croupy and wakes everyone up.)
And then everyone doesn't get enough sleep and has eyes like this in the morning

I have not been able to go for my walks in the woods. And lets me tell you, Golden's like myself, well we have so much energy, that if we don't get our walks, we start chasing our tails, and run into things and cause trouble. Thankfully, a while back, after mamma had complained alot about not fitting into her pants, cause she loves potato chips too much ( Don't ask I have NO clue what that means), my big pappa went out and came home with a treadmill...I know now you are really confused right, me too!!!

What potato chips, not fitting into clothes and treadmills, have to do with each other is beyond me, but I can tell you this, it works great for rainy days and when you have a sick mamma, to relieve the "crazies" we dogs feel when we don't get our walks. don't know what a treadmill is....well, it is a "standstill" walk...I know Im not sure my self..but I got on it yesterday to check it out, and it sort of walked ME!!!!

And the funny thing walk and walk and walk, and get NOWHERE..hehe.
It is raning here again today and mamma is still pretending to be a donkey, so I will probably go for a walk to Nowhere again today!
I am sad that noone has posted the "around the neighborhood" tag, but maybe you have all been busy, and not had time?
Golden Hugs
Sir Chancelot

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We had an Emergency last night~Sputnik tried to organize a " World Wide Cat Domination" of DWB!!

Check it out for your self

Oh Barkness what do I do now~ We can't have a cat running the Dogswithblogs...can we?

I am definitively worried

Just look at that arrogant look he has on his face....

Hm...THINK ...think..what to do

Ah maybe Ill just look like I don't care

and watch TV or something, totally ignore him...

Maybe even take a nap..

Hehe it worked, all of sudden it wasn't so interesting anymore, and he just went for a nap too

Phew that was close....Until next time, I think I saved the day
I hope everydog had a wonderful Tuesday.

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Tailwags and Golden Hugs
Sir Chancelot

Sunday, October 21, 2007

~My Weekend~

Hello EveryDog~

This post is a "tag" post...I thought it would be fun to see pictures from everydogs towns or where they live,from where they walk to their favoristest pet stores. I will start.Oh and if you put your mouse over any picture in the slide show it will "pause it, so you can look at it longer, like anyone of them with me in it..heheh

You will see my walk~

my most favoristest petstore in the whole world, some friends I see almost everyday,the local pharmacy, to our favoristest barkery ( my petstore has its own barkery too...YUMMY)
Oh and here is the website for my petstore~If you fall in love with it like us, you can shop from them online too and get their great stuff. They are the nicests, friendliestest humans on the planet!!

You can slow down the slides, and make sure to hold your mouse over the pictures to see comments:O), some has comments and some doesn't

And now I tag EveryDog to share what they see in their Neighboorhoods!
All my Golden Hugs
Sir Chancelot

Thursday, October 18, 2007

In The ~Mist~ of things...

We are returning to our regular broadcasting from a a few days of blogging about the
things we can do to help the earth~even though as most of you know, I for one
could blog about that till the dog comes back from the moon..barkbark...I AM very passionate
about all that, and hope everydog got something out of the posts, and that everydog can use some of the tips everyblogger wrote about!

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window, it was all foggy and misty, and a perfect morning to get out in the woods by our house. Mamma was so sleepy that I had to jump up on the bed and give her extra kisses to get her to get up...
~Sharing my morning walk with you~

Did you see the new "POLL" to the Right?
Tailwags and Golden Hugs
Oh and check out the newly added smilies in the cbox

Sir Chancelot

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sometimes I get Rabid Mad...

Did you guys hear that Ruby has a BooBoo on her face?

I guess the vets doesn't know what it is, which sometimes happens, cause even doctor's doesn't know it all.

one of my mammas dogs years ago,also got a krusty sore on his face, before she went "all green", and it turned out that it was a reaction to pesticide that had been spread on the lawn by a lawn fixing company.Maybe Ruby had pesticide on her lawn too??
Oh before I forget~Please go and sign the

~Paws off the Arctic~

OR it could of course be something els, however Mamma always
say to consider the least obvious (or at least what most mammas do not even know about and that could hurt us)

(Don't forget about
~The Power Of ONE~

ONE bark can make a difference)

So share valuable information with everydog:O)

Everything from what our mamma s wash the floor with, do laundry with, brush their teeth with,shower with to the soap they use in the dishwasher can cause big trouble for our mammas AND us. Most mammas does not know how seriously bad the toxic chemicals really are ( cause no one tells them, and OMdog, you would think that the big companies like proctor and Gamble/Johnson and Johnson, Palmolive to mention just a few, would NOT use these dangerous toxins in their products, but they do cause it is cheap preservatives) that are found in 99% of all supermarket/k-mart/wallmart/drugstores..etc.

Unless mammas buy from companies that specifically use no toxic or bad chemicals...the products will have chemicals like formaldehyde/phosphate.dioxin/ammonia/bleach...etc
Even Tide detergent is full of phosphate and formaldehyde that causes all sort of diseases, including cancer, and think about this...where does all of it go, it goes from our dishwashers, washer machines, showers and baths, down the drains, and into the soil, into the rivers, and to the oceans, and from there the chemicals hurt fish and wild life all through the world...( when scientists test the water in the rivers and oceans, they find lots of pesticide, and toxic chemicals in the water)


This planet nor we, would be here , if it wasn't for water

I get kind of RABID mad at companies that care more about $$ than everyones health, even the Earth's health. You would think they think that we can just go replace a few planets if we ruin this one..

SOooooo. the best thing to do is to stop buying from them and switch to a company that does not use any of these chemicals....

My mamma has been a customer for years and she loves them, cause they are cheap too ;O)...just tell her if you like to try, cause she can hook you up with whole sale prices..:O)))
( and more and more companies are entering the markets now that are much safer, but still expensive)

Check this out too....
Some great Insight

I wrote this cause I know that most mammas does not know about these commonly used toxins, and to help prevent everydog from getting future crusties and sicknesses.
or worse...things like this happens

~Chemical Evolution~

Sir LoveallmyfriendsAlot

Monday, October 15, 2007

I know its hard to know what to do

So I copied some of the wonderful tips from all the bloggers today giving tips on how to live greener,

and you can read all about it right here in our other blog.
please come back and vote
I added a vote box to the right --->top of the page
if you found the tips helpful
Click on below

Planet in Peril

Sir *WanttohelptheearthAlot*

Hello EveryDog~Hammie~Cat and Human

Today is Bloggers Unite for the Environment, and so I am posting maybe one,two,three posts today to share with you,
to do my part to raise awareness about the environment and
my belief that everydog and everyhuman can do something to change the path we are on, by each of us just changing a few habits.

Trees are the Earth's Endless effort to speak to the listening Heaven~~
1. If you are not using non toxic, eco friendly household products, start now.
2. If you are still using "normal" lightbulbs, change them to the eco safe energy saving ones, to save us from melting

3. Recycle
4. limit your garbage
5. Turn all electricity off when not in use from the wall~keep Earth

6. Buy local foods
7. Use a clothe Bag when grocerie shopping
8. Cancel all junk mail~cause planets doesn't do this

I can't wait to see everyotherdog's post and contributions to the "bloggers Blogging for the environment" today...

~Don't Underestimate the Power of ONE~

Golden Hugs and Love
Sir Chance,Goof,Bacon Alot
check it out