Friday, May 25, 2007

~Barkahot~ here today

Today, Pooka and I were going to play more Tug o'war, but he wont get his big furry black behind outside. Mama said that it is because he is so hot with all that fur on him...not sure what the big deal is, I got fur too, I just go jump in my pool. So we are lying around on the tile floor today breathing heavy..boring eh? Maybe when Cameron comes home, we can play in the pool atleast.
I decided to do some Doga (dogs that do Yoga), because I was so bored...please check out the doggie *Eye, Pooka gave about peer pressure

I am also trying to meditate on Mamma taking us to the dog park to the river, THAT would be a good thing for a hot day. Not sure that is going to happen because Pooka has not had all his shoots yet, and so he can't see any other doggies, which is almost a given we will at the dog park.
Maybe tomorrow....when Papa is here, he can take me or watch Pooka and then I can go alone...


Oscar Airedale said...

Hehehe, yep Pooka is certainly keeping his beady eye on you!

Oscar x

Goofy said...

Oh I love your last photo..

Love licks

Avery said...

I hope you and Pooka get to play together tomorrow!