Saturday, May 19, 2007

What does Pesticides have to do with it....?


My mamma says that Pesticides is a large reason we are seeing extinction of many species ( plants AND animals), both on land and in our oceans and rivers. It also is very dangerous to dogs, cats, and our people friends. My Little papa who goes to elementary school in CT., has 2 friends in his grade, who has leukemia. they are only 1o years old. The doctors at Yale are saying it might have to do with Toxic fumes from household products like cascade and tide, and stuff, and pesticides/carcinogens and dioxins.
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There are now more and more alternatives available to consumers. My people use a company that has all alternatives for people and dog houses that are all non toxic and has no carcinogens in it. If you go to
you can read more about toxins and the environment and if your mama and papa is interested in non toxic house products, then they can fill out a form there, and get information about the company my people use, and then you can be a dog that help the earth, like me. And also the risk for cancer goes way down both in you and maybe other dogs in your house and cats too, and the people that takes care of you..*Tail~wagging*
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Oscar Airedale said...

That two people in your boy's class have leukaemia is really scary.

Here in the UK we have a company called Ecover that makes envorinmentally friendly wash powder, washing up liquid etc. Mum also uses stuff like lemon & white vinegar for a lot of cleaning jobs.

Oscar x

Sir Chance-Lot said...

I am glad to hear that UK has alternatives. I know the company we use also have a distribution center in England:O).

Hope you had a great weekend Oscar