Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hi (specially to Amber). I am sorry I have been so busy with my new pool and my tennis balls
that I have not had time to spend in my page. Here is me, with my ball

and my pool

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Amber-Mae said...

Oh Chance-lot!!!! I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!! You looks so gorgeous in your lovely swimming pool. Oh you love balls to? Hehe, which Golden doesn't love balls? I love balls too but not so much of tennis balls. I like my bouncy rubbery balls which comes in variety of colors. My mommy keeps loads of it in the cupboard in the kitchen, high up where I can't reach! Hehehehe... Yes, I love them so much that I would actually dig in the cupboard for them. Oh and thanks so much for your loverly pressie Chance, I lurve it! Will post it up in my bloggy soon... Right now, I'm totally exhausted & have to go for my pee & poo walk soon. Hehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer