Wednesday, May 16, 2007

~So what's Up with Planet Earth~?

Hm, well let's see, besides the fact that the planet is heating up at a much faster rate then earlier "wished", there are also many other problems that the Earth is facing today.
I guess earth is the grass and the rivers where we play?!

My Mamma talks about this alot, and we try to do things that does not harm the earth any more, like living as "greenly" as we can. This means that we try to:

1. Walk more and drive less

(if we can we bike)

2. Use only safe non toxic products
3. We try to use less energy

4. Not use air conditioner

in our house, unless we are half melted

5. Not use carcinogens

6. Not use Pesticides

7. recycle
8. Not throw garbage anywhere
9. Walk gently on the Earth ( dont dig too many holes either)

There are many other things that humans can do that can and will help Earth

We will talk about a few of these in days to come, if it is okay with you guys.

(My mamma told me to say this)

My mamma says that alot of people do not know that like Tide detergent

and Cascade and Mr.Clean and Bounce and lots of other things has toxins, dangerious

chemicals, carcinogens and Poisons in them, that is harming earth but also us doggies, animals of all kinds and all our people.

She says that all the people need to stop using them, but they wont till

someone tells them the truth, cause they dont know yet.

Sooo, I had an idea, I said to mamma "Why don't maybe us tell them about it"?

and so here we are.

For today we bring you

My Mamma asked me, to ask you, to ask your Mamma's and Pappa's

to click on that writing above


Sir Chance-Lot

*All dogs should work together*


Liberty Doo Dah said...

Hey there SirChance-Lot!
We agree that there are lots of dangerous and toxic substances out there! Mum always recycles and I'm really good about not digging things up! We love you pictures! Your mum is very talented!

Hammer said...

Hello Sir Chance-Lot

My mum has been being trying to protect the animals and the environment since she was young (she's old and slow now). She has been a Greenpeace member for more than 20 years and is now a Wildlife Warrior member. We only use environmentally friendly products and every day we do what we can to protect the earth and the animals.

Your mum might like to read the Poems page of my brother's website

If it's okay, I'm adding you to my Friends list.

Bye from Hammer in Australia

PS You're a handsome dude, but you're a Gundog like me

Oscar Airedale said...

Me, mum and dad agree with you. We recycle & compost almost all our rubbish, avoid buying products with lots of packaging, chemicals & toxins, eat seasonally if we can, walk or car pool. Saving the planet seems like a big task, but it only relies on each of us doing a little bit to help.

Oscar x

Amber-Mae said...

Oh lovely... Love those pictures done by your mamma!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hello Sir Chance-Lot,
This is a great post to raise awareness for the environment. :)

~ Girl girl

Asta said...

Hi Sir CHance-lot, What a bootiful blog you have, I found you through my friend Oscar. I love the picture of him as andapple blossom fairy...and the music you have is so calming, lovely. I live inNY and my parents and I walk everywhere, my Mummy agrees with all the stuff you said..and me too.
She gets very angry with big SUVs and people being abusive with the world. COme visit me, I have a golden, named Honey at my doggie park, she sometimes puts my whole head in her mouth, very sweetly and gently. If I stand up I can put my arms around her neck and hug her. smoochie kisses ASTA