Friday, May 18, 2007

Tornado came through CT on Wednesday....

So we lost all power, and we still do not have it back.

Yes a tornado in Connecticut, and I was a little scared because trees were falling down, and I was scared they were going to crush my tennis balls sacttered on the

Mamma said she think maybe kansas moved to Connecticut, and someone forgot to tell us.

I do not know who Kansas is, but mama seem to know "him". She said that Kansas has this kind of weather all the time...I thought weather was a thing in the air, but apparently
not.Someone by the name of kansas has it in "his" pockets maybe?!!

I think kansas should go home, because I do not like the kind of weather he has.

Soooo, yesterday, Mamma said, lets go visit Nanook and Pooka, cause kansas did not visit

New jersey, so here we are. Nannok let me borrow his computer.

My mamma told me to tell you thank you for all the nice messages, and she is very happy you like her pictures.
When I come home on Sunday, I will visit your pages and say hi.
My mamma said she is going to help me later with todays post on the environment
but it will be later cause my cousins want to play now.
"Sir Chance-Lot"


Joe Stains said...

woaah I hope Kansas stays the heck out of Arizona once you send him packing!!! I hope you make it home safe!

Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, I am glad we don't have scary things like tornados in the UK - well, extremely rarely.

Have fun with Nanook & Pooka!

Oscar x

Charlie said...

Yeah, Kansas better not show up here either!! Thanks for the warning.
- Charlie

Asta said...

No tornados, but we had yucky weather all weekend, and I heard my very first thunderdorm..I barked at it to go away, but he ignored me..stay safe