Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sometimes I get Rabid Mad...

Did you guys hear that Ruby has a BooBoo on her face?

I guess the vets doesn't know what it is, which sometimes happens, cause even doctor's doesn't know it all.

one of my mammas dogs years ago,also got a krusty sore on his face, before she went "all green", and it turned out that it was a reaction to pesticide that had been spread on the lawn by a lawn fixing company.Maybe Ruby had pesticide on her lawn too??
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OR it could of course be something els, however Mamma always
say to consider the least obvious (or at least what most mammas do not even know about and that could hurt us)

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ONE bark can make a difference)

So share valuable information with everydog:O)

Everything from what our mamma s wash the floor with, do laundry with, brush their teeth with,shower with to the soap they use in the dishwasher can cause big trouble for our mammas AND us. Most mammas does not know how seriously bad the toxic chemicals really are ( cause no one tells them, and OMdog, you would think that the big companies like proctor and Gamble/Johnson and Johnson, Palmolive to mention just a few, would NOT use these dangerous toxins in their products, but they do cause it is cheap preservatives) that are found in 99% of all supermarket/k-mart/wallmart/drugstores..etc.

Unless mammas buy from companies that specifically use no toxic or bad chemicals...the products will have chemicals like formaldehyde/phosphate.dioxin/ammonia/bleach...etc
Even Tide detergent is full of phosphate and formaldehyde that causes all sort of diseases, including cancer, and think about this...where does all of it go, it goes from our dishwashers, washer machines, showers and baths, down the drains, and into the soil, into the rivers, and to the oceans, and from there the chemicals hurt fish and wild life all through the world...( when scientists test the water in the rivers and oceans, they find lots of pesticide, and toxic chemicals in the water)


This planet nor we, would be here , if it wasn't for water

I get kind of RABID mad at companies that care more about $$ than everyones health, even the Earth's health. You would think they think that we can just go replace a few planets if we ruin this one..

SOooooo. the best thing to do is to stop buying from them and switch to a company that does not use any of these chemicals....

My mamma has been a customer for years and she loves them, cause they are cheap too ;O)...just tell her if you like to try, cause she can hook you up with whole sale prices..:O)))
( and more and more companies are entering the markets now that are much safer, but still expensive)

Check this out too....
Some great Insight

I wrote this cause I know that most mammas does not know about these commonly used toxins, and to help prevent everydog from getting future crusties and sicknesses.
or worse...things like this happens

~Chemical Evolution~

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Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Chance and Chance's Mama...
Thanks so much for the shout out and all the good info. Mom has a few days off form work and will start to dig into all this good info. We've already bought some kitchen floor cleaning stuff that is 'doggie safe'...but we need to do more.

We'll be bugging you with questions I am sure!

Lots of Loving Licks, Ruby

Joe said...

Chance, thanks for all this information. I will make mom read it this weekend instead of being lazy!

I love that last picture!

Maggie & Mitch said...

You always have such good info on your blog, Chance! You're sure one smart boy!

Love ya lots,

Simba said...

Thank you for that. I don't think Mummy even thought she might be doing me some harm with her cleaning stuff. She'll think twice when she goes shopping now.

Simba xx

Amber-Mae said...

Bacon, this is such an iformative post & loved the video. Made me tear up a bit, I don't know why. Must have been the piano playing or something, hehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh those are good info. Pet owners should get stuff that are 'safe' for their pets.
Thanks for sharing with us

~ Girl girl